Shawige- Indian noodle

Posted on: September 6, 2006

Shawige – Indian Noodle!!

We are Havyakas, one of the various type of Brahmans (I don’t want to spoil it as Brahmins), ethnic of Uttara Kannada, Shimoga and near by parts of Karnataka. We speak unique language Havyaka Kannada, which hears like Old Kannada at the age of Pampa, Ranna etc. Likewise we have number of unique and special vegetarian foods. We prepare different food for each festival. Holige for Deepawali(deewali), Chakkali(called as murku in Kerala) for Ganesha Festival, Shawige for Noolu Hunnime or Raksha Bhandhan, the day when we change our sacred threads or Janivaar.

Our grandmas never tasted Chinese noodle! Some of them never heard of that! But they prepare Shawige exactly similar to noodles. The Shawige which I’m telling about is not that dried shawige available in the market, usually used for Kheer or Pulaaw. It is made up of rise and some masala items like jeera, hence which tastes better than noodles. It tastes better with coconut chutney or thick Sambar than noodle with sauce.

But we are Indians!! We like and love all other things which is not Indian. That is why we like more noodle than shawige, because the name noodle is not Indian!!


2 Responses to "Shawige- Indian noodle"

You have a point!

Flash back…..
childhood days. …All those days are over, but memories still alive
Ya I am also a havyaka. I remembered my ajji, doddamma. They used to prepare it at home. Ajji is no more. doddama may prepare!!!! missing all

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