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Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology. It allows the transfer of information between different electronic devices. Cell phones are the one among various electronic devices where Bluetooth is widely used. This lets us to share jokes, images, clips, texts at a press of just a few buttons. Its quickness, safeness, reliability and inexpensiveness made it popular.

But interesting question is why this technology is called as Bluetooth!

In the tenth century there was a Danish king King Harald Bluetooth Blatand. He had a fetish for blueberries. Due to that his teeth were stained blue. So the word Bluetooth also introduced between his name. Bluetooth was known for uniting the various Scandinavian kingdoms and bringing people together. Similarly the technology Bluetooth also brings different electronic devices together. In the memory of Bluetooth this is also called so!!


It was thought that hereditary aspects of baldness come from father. But now it is found that gene for baldness lies on X chromosome! That means baldness is hereditary; you get it from your mother!

The explanation is that the genetic reason for Baldness is linked to your mother’s X-Chromosome. It is the father who gives either the X chromosome, which matches with the woman’s X resulting in XX and a female child or the Y chromosome which joins with the woman’s X resulting in an XY match and a male child. It is the X chromosome or female sex chromosome that contains the gene for Baldness.

Since men have only one X chromosome, the gene for baldness is a single expression gene that shows up because there is no possible dominant gene to suppress what would normally be a recessive or hidden characteristic. Since Male Pattern Baldness gene is only on the X chromosome and men can only get that chromosome from their mothers.

Since this form of baldness is recessive, it will be hidden if only one of the dominant genes is present. Since women have the XX chromosome pair, baldness will not occur unless both chromosomes have the recessive gene that causes baldness.

Is there any Indian, living without the touch of Tata? Tata steels, Tata salts, Tata buses, Tata cars, Tata Indicom, Tata watches, Tata tea, Tata hotels, Tata Consultancy, Tata Biotech…….. Is there any field where there is no land mark of Tata?

It was J R D Tata, who laid the powerful foundation of a beautiful company. Now it has grown like a kingdom with Rs 790 million properties, 2 lacks employees, more than 75 different companies…. Statistics of property is not important. Ethics of Tata plays importance.

Have you ever heard the news that Tata cheated anyone, government or tax departments? Have you ever heard that Tata blackmailed the Govt for infrastructure? Answer is ‘No’. This makes Tata different! Reliance has to pay fine to BSNL; they had crossed the rules of TRAI. Without permission Biocon exported medicines from China and sold under its trade mark…. List goes long.

There was no electricity in Mumbai, Tata Brought light. There was no airplanes in India, Tata airlines was srarted, which is now Indian Airlines and Air India, There was no IIT, Tata Institution of Science came to exist, now it is IISc.

No other companies are comparable to Tata, even though they blackmail the Govt ‘improve infra structure; otherwise we’ll leave the city’. An open garbage flows in front of the Wipro office in Silkboard, located in Bangalore. Don’t they have money to build under ground passage?

Do you know? Tata has its own education institutions, hospitals, buses for their employees. But there are CCD, KFC, Fizza huts in ITPL campus. Being a king of the kingdom-Tata, Ratan Tata never comes in the list of richest persons. He has nothing. Tata has everything!

(Some data are taken from Vishweshwar Bhat’s article in Vijaya Karnataka

Engineering in Biotechnology is attracting thousands of students in current years. But yet we are not aware of whether Biotech Industries of Karnataka will employ them or not!

As we know there are nearly125 biotech companies in Karnataka. Biocon is one of the major in this field. It is well-known that Biocon is not interested in Biotech Engineers. In a National Level Symposium arranged in Belgaum, Chella Pandian, HR of Biocon told they are not at all interested in Biotech engineers because they have nothing to do in Biocon. They need postgraduates (M.Sc) in Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Micribiology disciplines. It is also true that these people will have focused knowledge on particular subject which Biotech engineer lack.

As Gopal Mugeroy from NITK, Surathkal tells, Biocon is not only a Biotech company. Simply it is a Pharmaceutical company. Numbers of other companies are there which requires Biotech engineers, who are well trained in Bioprocess. Biotech Engineering is a combined study of life science and engineering branches like chemical, computer science etc, hence they are also treated as Bioprocess engineers. Bioprocess Engineering is needed in most of all biotech industries.

Right now first batch student of biotech engineers getting degree from VTU. Many of them are interested in pursuing master degree in life science, management in biotechnology ( Pune University has MBA in Biotech), only few got project works outside their institutions, some joined software companies like TCS for bioinformatics. Even though it is also true that at its blooming period no branch of engineering had this much encouragement, publicity, interest….

Is B.E. in Biotech Safe? “A million biotech jobs will be created by the year 2010. It was the slogan just a couple of years ago. But now it seems a distant dream.” Times of India quoted in one of reports on 5th June 2006, highlighting that the biotech industry in India is not able to create 10,000 jobs every year. Biotech industry will not be at the level of our high expectation even after 2010. It can’t create such high carrier opportunity as IT industry creates. It is possible for the IT industry as it is a service sector. But research oriented BT industry requires few highly skilled persons. About 50,000 graduates and post graduates are passing out in life streams every year. Syllabus which they studied in their university is not fulfilling the needs of the industry. But according to the survey conducted by Leader Prospects BE/B.Tech graduates in biotech found to be more skilled than those who had M.Sc in Biotech. It also stated that B.Tech students fared better in necessary soft skills, logical reasoning etc. Even though industry is seeing for specialization in particular subjects, M.Sc students has. BE biotech students won’t be specialized in any stream, even after studying 56 subjects in their graduation. Question is left as it is.


Sachin Tendulker, Ajit Agarkar, Rahul Dravid, Lakshman. Anilkumble….. all are Brahmins. Shewhag, Yuvaraj, Dhoni, R.P.Sing, Shreeshant…. all are from upper casts. What about Indian team if our Govt reserve 50% of cricket players for SC, ST and OBC? Even Afghan school team will win against India. Talent plays major role in winning a battle, not the caste! By reserving seats in technical education and medicals, India can’t even dream to win over the Globalization. World class education institutions like IITs, IIMs will loose their trade mark. Quality of output depends on input!!

An aimless man from some reserved community got degree in countless attempts applies for teacher’s post. As a scheduled candidate he got that job, without the knowledge of how many valences carbon has, he starts teaching chemistry! Leave him; think about the condition of the students, future of the country.

Son of a SC, ST- IAS officer also benefits reservation, at the same time son of a poor Brahmin farmer is considered as superior to him and looses some chances in life! Is it worthy?

Let one of your friend from some lower caste passed in several attempts got seat in IIT. Having far better ranked you couldn’t get a chance to enter your long time dream, GATE. Think that you joined some organization, soon after that, he also joined as a higher officer without the basic knowledge with the influence of the caste. How will you work at the place where caste dominates, intelligence sucks? Don’t worry; the world is bigger than India. But remember, you and our country suffer a lot!

Don’t hate that person! Don’t hate his caste!! Hate our politicians; those are giving them a fake talent. Don’t they know the effect of reservation? Even today the bill of 33% reservation for ladies in MP seats is not passed from the Parliament. They know that the 33% of present MPs can’t even compete next time. As popular MP loses his seat, talented student looses his future! Before giving 50% reservations in IITs and IIMs they should think to give reservation in politics, the most powerful business of India. What happens if 50% of ministers, 14 chief ministers out of 28 states are reserved? Reserve the prime minister post in rotation of 1:1 ratio. Why can’t it be possible, if it is possible in education?

It won’t take more time for our leaders to reserve 50% for SC, ST and Muslims in Sikh Regiment, and send to war field!!

It is Majestic, heart of Bangalore. Also always heats Bangalore. It is the gate for Bangalore, having City Railway Station, Bus stand…. If you can, visit this place in the evening, stay for only half an hour. You will feel like experiencing a Rowdy film of Bollywood, or some south Indian film.

In each and every subway you will see number of small footpath shops, trying to sell their goods to you, no matter whether you want that or not. Book shop will also be there, having bestselling books. See those books once; you will come to know what piracy is. If you want you can buy Harry Potter series for 250 Rs.

Stay for a while, one person comes and asks for money with that shop person. He is not a beggar; instead he has come for his Mamoolu!! Within some times a real beggar comes in kaki uniform hiding his police hat in his arms! Not to protect them or not to tell them to stop their business over there! How can he stay in costly Bangalore without those people’s earnings!

A lady often moves here and there. She is not searching for some thing which she lost! She is waiting for some customer. She is a ‘sex worker’. You can see some thin, week ladies with over lipstick nearby dark places waiting for something, some one.

Go for a shoe shop, see the sole, you need not to be good in she selection; you will come to know it is overpriced. Next to that, a watch shop will be there, he will sell TITEX telling it is TIMEX to you, if you are a fool. A lady comes there and shop keeper gives a 10 Rs note. Soon you will hear a gent’s voice; she is neither he nor she!

During returning on your own way, there should be a BDA board ‘Be proud to be in Bangalore’!!