BT; after IT!?

Posted on: October 11, 2006

Engineering in Biotechnology is attracting thousands of students in current years. But yet we are not aware of whether Biotech Industries of Karnataka will employ them or not!

As we know there are nearly125 biotech companies in Karnataka. Biocon is one of the major in this field. It is well-known that Biocon is not interested in Biotech Engineers. In a National Level Symposium arranged in Belgaum, Chella Pandian, HR of Biocon told they are not at all interested in Biotech engineers because they have nothing to do in Biocon. They need postgraduates (M.Sc) in Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Micribiology disciplines. It is also true that these people will have focused knowledge on particular subject which Biotech engineer lack.

As Gopal Mugeroy from NITK, Surathkal tells, Biocon is not only a Biotech company. Simply it is a Pharmaceutical company. Numbers of other companies are there which requires Biotech engineers, who are well trained in Bioprocess. Biotech Engineering is a combined study of life science and engineering branches like chemical, computer science etc, hence they are also treated as Bioprocess engineers. Bioprocess Engineering is needed in most of all biotech industries.

Right now first batch student of biotech engineers getting degree from VTU. Many of them are interested in pursuing master degree in life science, management in biotechnology ( Pune University has MBA in Biotech), only few got project works outside their institutions, some joined software companies like TCS for bioinformatics. Even though it is also true that at its blooming period no branch of engineering had this much encouragement, publicity, interest….


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