Her Majesty! It is Majestic!!

Posted on: October 11, 2006

It is Majestic, heart of Bangalore. Also always heats Bangalore. It is the gate for Bangalore, having City Railway Station, Bus stand…. If you can, visit this place in the evening, stay for only half an hour. You will feel like experiencing a Rowdy film of Bollywood, or some south Indian film.

In each and every subway you will see number of small footpath shops, trying to sell their goods to you, no matter whether you want that or not. Book shop will also be there, having bestselling books. See those books once; you will come to know what piracy is. If you want you can buy Harry Potter series for 250 Rs.

Stay for a while, one person comes and asks for money with that shop person. He is not a beggar; instead he has come for his Mamoolu!! Within some times a real beggar comes in kaki uniform hiding his police hat in his arms! Not to protect them or not to tell them to stop their business over there! How can he stay in costly Bangalore without those people’s earnings!

A lady often moves here and there. She is not searching for some thing which she lost! She is waiting for some customer. She is a ‘sex worker’. You can see some thin, week ladies with over lipstick nearby dark places waiting for something, some one.

Go for a shoe shop, see the sole, you need not to be good in she selection; you will come to know it is overpriced. Next to that, a watch shop will be there, he will sell TITEX telling it is TIMEX to you, if you are a fool. A lady comes there and shop keeper gives a 10 Rs note. Soon you will hear a gent’s voice; she is neither he nor she!

During returning on your own way, there should be a BDA board ‘Be proud to be in Bangalore’!!


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