Is B.E. in Biotech Safe?

Posted on: October 11, 2006

Is B.E. in Biotech Safe? “A million biotech jobs will be created by the year 2010. It was the slogan just a couple of years ago. But now it seems a distant dream.” Times of India quoted in one of reports on 5th June 2006, highlighting that the biotech industry in India is not able to create 10,000 jobs every year. Biotech industry will not be at the level of our high expectation even after 2010. It can’t create such high carrier opportunity as IT industry creates. It is possible for the IT industry as it is a service sector. But research oriented BT industry requires few highly skilled persons. About 50,000 graduates and post graduates are passing out in life streams every year. Syllabus which they studied in their university is not fulfilling the needs of the industry. But according to the survey conducted by Leader Prospects BE/B.Tech graduates in biotech found to be more skilled than those who had M.Sc in Biotech. It also stated that B.Tech students fared better in necessary soft skills, logical reasoning etc. Even though industry is seeing for specialization in particular subjects, M.Sc students has. BE biotech students won’t be specialized in any stream, even after studying 56 subjects in their graduation. Question is left as it is.

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