Loosing Hair? Ask your mom!!

Posted on: October 11, 2006

It was thought that hereditary aspects of baldness come from father. But now it is found that gene for baldness lies on X chromosome! That means baldness is hereditary; you get it from your mother!

The explanation is that the genetic reason for Baldness is linked to your mother’s X-Chromosome. It is the father who gives either the X chromosome, which matches with the woman’s X resulting in XX and a female child or the Y chromosome which joins with the woman’s X resulting in an XY match and a male child. It is the X chromosome or female sex chromosome that contains the gene for Baldness.

Since men have only one X chromosome, the gene for baldness is a single expression gene that shows up because there is no possible dominant gene to suppress what would normally be a recessive or hidden characteristic. Since Male Pattern Baldness gene is only on the X chromosome and men can only get that chromosome from their mothers.

Since this form of baldness is recessive, it will be hidden if only one of the dominant genes is present. Since women have the XX chromosome pair, baldness will not occur unless both chromosomes have the recessive gene that causes baldness.


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