Merit or Caste?

Posted on: October 11, 2006


Sachin Tendulker, Ajit Agarkar, Rahul Dravid, Lakshman. Anilkumble….. all are Brahmins. Shewhag, Yuvaraj, Dhoni, R.P.Sing, Shreeshant…. all are from upper casts. What about Indian team if our Govt reserve 50% of cricket players for SC, ST and OBC? Even Afghan school team will win against India. Talent plays major role in winning a battle, not the caste! By reserving seats in technical education and medicals, India can’t even dream to win over the Globalization. World class education institutions like IITs, IIMs will loose their trade mark. Quality of output depends on input!!

An aimless man from some reserved community got degree in countless attempts applies for teacher’s post. As a scheduled candidate he got that job, without the knowledge of how many valences carbon has, he starts teaching chemistry! Leave him; think about the condition of the students, future of the country.

Son of a SC, ST- IAS officer also benefits reservation, at the same time son of a poor Brahmin farmer is considered as superior to him and looses some chances in life! Is it worthy?

Let one of your friend from some lower caste passed in several attempts got seat in IIT. Having far better ranked you couldn’t get a chance to enter your long time dream, GATE. Think that you joined some organization, soon after that, he also joined as a higher officer without the basic knowledge with the influence of the caste. How will you work at the place where caste dominates, intelligence sucks? Don’t worry; the world is bigger than India. But remember, you and our country suffer a lot!

Don’t hate that person! Don’t hate his caste!! Hate our politicians; those are giving them a fake talent. Don’t they know the effect of reservation? Even today the bill of 33% reservation for ladies in MP seats is not passed from the Parliament. They know that the 33% of present MPs can’t even compete next time. As popular MP loses his seat, talented student looses his future! Before giving 50% reservations in IITs and IIMs they should think to give reservation in politics, the most powerful business of India. What happens if 50% of ministers, 14 chief ministers out of 28 states are reserved? Reserve the prime minister post in rotation of 1:1 ratio. Why can’t it be possible, if it is possible in education?

It won’t take more time for our leaders to reserve 50% for SC, ST and Muslims in Sikh Regiment, and send to war field!!


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The Illinois Institute of Technology USA has recently agreed to offer four-year scholarships to all low-income Chicago Public School students who meet the school’s rigorous admission standards. In addition to having a household family income under $40,000, students must measure up to the standards achieved by IIT’s freshman class: a 3.88 grade-point average on a four-point scale; a 1286 SAT, and 28 on the ACT. That is IIT USA. In India, let us not talk about it. In India it looks like only BITS Pilani is talking of merit while all others are talking politics and religion.

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