TATA……It is not a company

Posted on: October 11, 2006

Is there any Indian, living without the touch of Tata? Tata steels, Tata salts, Tata buses, Tata cars, Tata Indicom, Tata watches, Tata tea, Tata hotels, Tata Consultancy, Tata Biotech…….. Is there any field where there is no land mark of Tata?

It was J R D Tata, who laid the powerful foundation of a beautiful company. Now it has grown like a kingdom with Rs 790 million properties, 2 lacks employees, more than 75 different companies…. Statistics of property is not important. Ethics of Tata plays importance.

Have you ever heard the news that Tata cheated anyone, government or tax departments? Have you ever heard that Tata blackmailed the Govt for infrastructure? Answer is ‘No’. This makes Tata different! Reliance has to pay fine to BSNL; they had crossed the rules of TRAI. Without permission Biocon exported medicines from China and sold under its trade mark…. List goes long.

There was no electricity in Mumbai, Tata Brought light. There was no airplanes in India, Tata airlines was srarted, which is now Indian Airlines and Air India, There was no IIT, Tata Institution of Science came to exist, now it is IISc.

No other companies are comparable to Tata, even though they blackmail the Govt ‘improve infra structure; otherwise we’ll leave the city’. An open garbage flows in front of the Wipro office in Silkboard, located in Bangalore. Don’t they have money to build under ground passage?

Do you know? Tata has its own education institutions, hospitals, buses for their employees. But there are CCD, KFC, Fizza huts in ITPL campus. Being a king of the kingdom-Tata, Ratan Tata never comes in the list of richest persons. He has nothing. Tata has everything!

(Some data are taken from Vishweshwar Bhat’s article in Vijaya Karnataka

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