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When Radio Mirchi launched in Bangalore it was allergic to Kannada songs. Later the race of survival in the pool of about 10 FM radio stations in Bangalore made Mirchi to adapt only Kannada. Now recent survey has shown it is the number 1 radio channel of Bangalore. I think Only Kannada made Radio Mirchi no1. It also shown that all the radio stations in top positions Big FM, SFM, AIR Rainbow, Radio city play mostly Kannada songs and have given enough respect to Kannada. Hearing to Kannada programmes and channels has revealed the abhimana of Kannada. We should thank these radio stations for making the Bengaluru Kannadamaya. Kanadigas and Kannada always no 1 in Bangalore. Because it is Namma Bengaluru.


It was Bigbazaar to introduce Sabse Saste Din on Republic day, Jan 26 few years back. It brought an unbelievable success to Bigbazaar. Kishor Biyani, in his autobiography It Happened in India writes about Sabse Saste Din that they couldn’t control the crowd in front of the shop and the local cops also struggled to control the traffic near the shops. Then it made them to extend the offer for few more days.after this success Bigbazaar is offering Sabse Saste Din on Jan 26th every year.

In recent years apart from Indian super market giant Bigbazaar, many others like Reliance Fresh, Tata Star Bazaar, Food World, Aditya Birla Group entered retailing. This Jan 26, others also introduced the similar Republic day offers. Reliance Fresh offered saving parade on 26th and 27th January. It’s amazing how these retail giants are copying the concept of Sabse Saste Din even without changing the date. We the customers should thank to Mr. Biyani for the revolution in the retail marketing and the new concept of super saving on the republic day.

Lead India is another SMS business by the self-called No 1 news paper of India, the Times of India. It is well known that the ToI never does anything good for its readers or to the nation. Recent forgotten example is Times Rewards programme. But it always succeeds in making its readers fool. Lead India is just another version of this kind of nature.

You may have seen the street ad which reads “Love  Bangalore?”, “Vote for RK, Make Bangalorean lead India”. Is the ToI fool to advertise on behalf of RK or any other participants? You have to send SMS or call to specified number which costs 3Rs per SMS and up to 7Rs per min of call chagre. It is not requesting for your votes through these ads, instead for your money. If it is such a project to reveal a new leader or a dream for the future of India, why shouldn’t this number be toll free?

Lead India’s finalists also for the convenience of this SMS business. All these people are from Bangalore, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Laknow like metro cities, where there are millions of mobile users. Why there in no person from a small town which is never heard and where the ToI circulation is quite less? No leader in India till now has emerged from a metro city. ToI is also well experienced in touching directly the heart of the people. Bangaloreans are so proud of Bangalore, even when Deepika Padukone tells to King Khan that she has came from Bangalore in the film Om Shanti Om, they express their excitement without minding they are sitting in a mulipflex. How can such person deny reacting to such ads of ToI?

Will the person who wins Lead India become a leader? Gandhi, Ambedkar, Sardar Patel, not even Modi became leader because of such SMS votes; they were the leaders, so they became leaders. Soon after the contest ends you will forget all about it, and the ToI starts another drama. Not only Lead India, there are countless number of such SMS business are there by many TV shows, news papers, FM radios. Government of India and Telephone Regulatory Authority of India-TRAI should think on banning these kinds of activities which steals the money of common people.

It is very strange festival you can enjoy on the day of Moharam in Bankikodla, a place near the world famous beach and sacred place of Hindus Gokarna in Karnataka. It is a common to any other festival in celebration, but it catches your eyes when you see both the Hindus and Muslims participate in the festival.

This is called Alladi or Habsi festival. There is also a story behind this festival which my granny narrates like follows. There was a Hindu lady called Habsi was there once upon a time. She fell in love with a Muslim man and both married with the opposition of both sides and Habsi became Fatima. She was happy in her own world of two children and her husband. One day, on the call the king, her husband went to battlefield. She waited for a long time for his return. The frightened lady sent her children in search of her husband. She got the message that her children had found their father. She started to battlefield with complete joy. But the scene there was completely different. She saw the dead bodies of her children and husband. This festival is to convey salute to the lady who sacrificed her lovely husband and children.

There is a small temple for Habsi. People donate silver hands to this goddess. During Moharam they also walk on the fire. They believe it has power to solve their problem. Whatever these may be, but it has power in building communal friendship.

Whenever you try to enter orkut site you may be getting the message: “Hey fool, Orkut is banned in your system. It is not administrator. Ask who banned it? MUHAHAHA”

Solution is here: Go to “Start”, and then click on “Run”. Write “C:/heap41a” and press “Go”. Once `heap41a’ folder is opened delete all the files it contains. Restart the system and enjoy orkuting.