Hindus celebrate Moharam with Muslims

Posted on: January 23, 2008

It is very strange festival you can enjoy on the day of Moharam in Bankikodla, a place near the world famous beach and sacred place of Hindus Gokarna in Karnataka. It is a common to any other festival in celebration, but it catches your eyes when you see both the Hindus and Muslims participate in the festival.

This is called Alladi or Habsi festival. There is also a story behind this festival which my granny narrates like follows. There was a Hindu lady called Habsi was there once upon a time. She fell in love with a Muslim man and both married with the opposition of both sides and Habsi became Fatima. She was happy in her own world of two children and her husband. One day, on the call the king, her husband went to battlefield. She waited for a long time for his return. The frightened lady sent her children in search of her husband. She got the message that her children had found their father. She started to battlefield with complete joy. But the scene there was completely different. She saw the dead bodies of her children and husband. This festival is to convey salute to the lady who sacrificed her lovely husband and children.

There is a small temple for Habsi. People donate silver hands to this goddess. During Moharam they also walk on the fire. They believe it has power to solve their problem. Whatever these may be, but it has power in building communal friendship.


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