FM Kannada No 1 in Bengaluru

Posted on: January 27, 2008

When Radio Mirchi launched in Bangalore it was allergic to Kannada songs. Later the race of survival in the pool of about 10 FM radio stations in Bangalore made Mirchi to adapt only Kannada. Now recent survey has shown it is the number 1 radio channel of Bangalore. I think Only Kannada made Radio Mirchi no1. It also shown that all the radio stations in top positions Big FM, SFM, AIR Rainbow, Radio city play mostly Kannada songs and have given enough respect to Kannada. Hearing to Kannada programmes and channels has revealed the abhimana of Kannada. We should thank these radio stations for making the Bengaluru Kannadamaya. Kanadigas and Kannada always no 1 in Bangalore. Because it is Namma Bengaluru.


1 Response to "FM Kannada No 1 in Bengaluru"

Yeah.. absolutely.. when we were playing only hindi.. v jocks were always sure that kannada songs will really rock.. and finally we became and are the only radio station to play VONLY KANNADA HAADU… No wonder why we are the market leaders and now everybody is switching over to kannada.. its a fantastic trend.. with more and more kannada songs becoming a hit… i must say SANDALWOOD ROCKS….

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