Hey people, Dare to call them Islamic Terrorists!

Posted on: February 21, 2008

From the prime minister of India Mr Manmohan Singh to a President of a village panchayat Mr Monnappa, no one of our Indian politicians has guts to call the Islamic terrorists as Islamic terrorists. They are acting as it is sin to call them so in their undocumented rules of the ‘secularism’. Mr Prime minister, at least now, when few rank students of Karnataka arrested under the fact that they have relationship with the Pakistani terrorists, agree that not all Indian Muslims are innocent and patriots how you believe or acting like believing as a Indian congressmen’s nature.

Already the terrorism has reached every part of the country. Imagine, how strong the terrorism is spreading if the student from a very small town Honnali, near Davangere has turned to a terrorist. Few people tell Bangalore is now found to be active place for terrorism. The Muslim areas like K. R. Market and Shivajinagar in Bangalore, Bhatkal, Hubli are already suspected to be accommodating the terrorists. The Indian Muslim terrorist got arrested in Hubli recently!!

The terrorists have found the new highway for the smuggling of the weapon via Bangladesh. They knew the situation of the West Bengal, the communist government in the state never found succeeded in controlling the smuggling and infiltration via the border. Leave these apart, what happened to Karnataka Police? Their story terrors the country differently. Many police officers have already made 10 times more asset that they can earn in their lifetime. Now their only aim is to survive against the Lokayukta through the politics. They are in search of the right political party where they can improve their asset some more. I bet you no one can clear the police verification of the passport without offering the bribe! They are selling the country, obviously terrorist to buy!!

I apologies if any Muslim feel bad by my view. I know all the Muslims are not terrorists. We have seen the best people in them. But all the terrorists we terror about are Muslims. Until last few years we were so happy that no Indian Muslim is a terrorist, though India is one of the world’s highest Muslim populations. But recent incidents disprove the belief. They have got more privileges than Hindus under minority politics. Now some of them are found to be against the nation. It proved Islamic terrorism doesn’t have boundary of nation. But the Indian politicians are not ready to open their boundary of thinking.


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