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It was long ago…

When I was in elementary school the telephone was a white elephant. I have seen my mother covered the telephone with clothes. I was not allowed to talk too much on the phone. It was used for very short and valuable conversations. Neighbouring towns were treated as long distances and they were STD calls. Call to some more distant place was further troublesome. It was a ‘trunk call’. We had to call the telephone exchange and book the line. Trunk calls were very costly and many liked to write letter and telegrams.

What’s now?

Today we forgot what a trunk call is.

Not even a neighbouring town, the whole state is now local. Leave the inter circle calls the whole India is now at 1 Re distance!

No telegrams now, SMS reaches the remote places where even telegram couldn’t reach.

Go again few years back.

Mobile phones were there with rich people staying in big cities. They were paying about Rs 10 for incoming calls. Out going was out of reach.

Jamana changed in a high speed manner!

Prepaid plans were introduced. Charging for incoming calls became outdated. Call rates came down to earth. SMS were charged a negligible amount. Mobiles became lot more than a communicating instrument. Young couples were allowed to talk at very little amount using couple connections, sometimes even freely.

Now!? You can even get paid for receiving calls. Virgin mobile announced it will give Rs 0.1 per 60 seconds for receiving calls.

What next?


Many of my friends, even me, own Airtel mobile connection just for dial up internet connection provided in the name of Airtel Mobile Office at only Rs. 20 per day. We use GPRS enabled mobile sets with inbuilt modem in it. It is the cheapest, convenient, completely mobile solution for internet access. But nobody likes to give heavy work load on their costly mobile sets. Also one can’t dedicate their mobile phone to the internet because no call will be received when in use as a modem. Many phones including Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola encountered some problems as they are used as modems for long time without rest.

Hence GSM USB modems or PCMCIA will be the best solution for this problem. When I went in search of this instrument I got very few products in Indian market. One was Airtel USB modem which costs Rs 3999 onetime charges. Another was from ebay product at Rs 10000. Now CDMA USB modems are available at very low prices of 2500 (both Tata Indicom and Reliance mobile). The question arises: why nobody bothered to market the GSM modems at the convenient prices?

Not only  Airtel, even spice also joined the mobile internet race. Dial up networking using normal SIM cards getting popularity. It is cheaper, mobile and flexible than any other internet connections. So I’m looking for USB modems at affordable prices.