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Friends, count down started for the polls of State assembly of Karnataka. Even though it is a state assembly poll, its results are going to bring a major effect on the next general election for the parliament.

Come to the issue now. Have you ever think that what will be the major bill that the next central government will pass in the year 2011? It is the bill to extend the current cast based reservation for next 10 years. That means, once again it will kill the vision of the great constitution expert Dr B R Ambedkar. Do we really want this cast based reservation system? If not why we are not raising our voice? Yes, we are Indians. We will start digging the well only when our house started burning!! We will raise our voice only on the day when this bill will be passed.

That’s why; it is the right time to choose our leaders who will lead our country as a democratic sovereign instead of just a secular sovereign. Any how the preamble of our constitution didn’t have the world secular when it was written, it was added later. And it is also very important to mention that the cast based reservations will never support the nation’s secularism.

Till 1991 it was Congress party kept extending the reservation just to hold the votes of some people. But it was BJP’s term to extend again for 10 more years. What a shameless politics! If the government of India is agreeing that it couldn’t uplift the backward or scheduled cast/tribe people in the last half century, can every body hope that it will happen in next 10 years. The people willing to get reservations everywhere they go, colleges, jobs, promotions and so on, should know that this Indian politics never wants them to be uplifted.

I’m not opposing reservations. But it should not be just based on the cast or religion. The true backward person should be given the chance. We should give a helping hand to an orphan, handicapped person, a poor fellow who couldn’t even buy a book, the person who is staying in the remote village where even a bus won’t go; irrespective of the community. Everything will be decided on your vote.  Please vote. And please vote for those who have a mission, a vision of the future India.

It will be major contribution to build our nation.


Soorgal is a village that belongs to Dodmane GramPanchayat, which is about 35 km from its Taluk Head quarters Siddapur in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka. The village lacks infrastructure such that they have to come to Dodmane a place 7 km away for their ration. There are only 3 buses to this small village. No one, not even the local people has given much importance to this small village until a major religious transformation has occurred in it.

Obviously it was by Christians. This made me to bring about this small village in front of you.

The people here talk Kannada mixed Marathi. They are so poor; their economy is based on agriculture and some forest products. They have their own music band as a part-time job, which makes local people to call them for marriage like functions. I can tell that they were living with harmony with all. The Satan entered into their life!!

One strange person came to know about this small music band. He came to teach them good music. These people, never exposed to the present culprit world, treated him as a sacred teacher as a Hindu treats his teacher himself is a god. But he was a Satan, funded by Christian missionaries for religious conversion. He knew that it was easy to brainwash innocent people and succeeded in converting them as Christians. Holy black threads from Dharmasthal disappeared from their neck, instead the cross appeared. The photos of Hindu gods were thrown out from their house, Jesus Christ and mother Mary replaced these Hindu gods. They were given money flown from foreign missionaries for doing this work

The news came out only after about 6 months. They were no more Hindus now, but not even Christians completely. The surrounding people stood up and turned them back to Hinduism, even though they are not funded by any foreign bodies for this work. Another thing I should tell you is local RSS or VHP people were blind about whole situation as they are not at all important for them in any sense.

Tell me now; I’m wrong in calling it as Christian terrorism? Just look keen around you, you will find at least one such terrorised existence of Hinduism.