Chetan Bhagat @ Bangalore BigBazaar

Posted on: May 22, 2008

Chetan Bhagat, author of the most favourite book of engineering students “Five Point Someone”, was there at Old Madras Road BigBazaar, Bangalore as a part of promotional campaign of his new book “the 3 mistakes of my life”. The event was organised by ‘the Depot’, the stationary and book section partners of BigBazaar on 18 May Sunday evening. The young fans of Chetan got a great opportunity to discuss with him about his books and get his autograph on the books. It became a beautiful evening for all present there.


I’m recalling some of the discussion here:

Through out the session Chetan avoided calling him as young icon. He also insisted that he wants to become author of all ages without confining him to young metro readers. One question was why he likes number in the titles (‘five’point… ‘one’night… The 3 mistakes…). His statement was also quite acceptable that he is an engineer. Every engineer likes number.


The mostly asked questions on Five point someone were “Is that a true story?”, “What is the phone number of Neha?”, “What is Alok doing now?”. The answer was yes, it was somewhat true story. But not hundred percent true. The scenes which come in the novel- the ice-cream parlour, the railway tracks were also true. The story also related to few persons that he can’t tell. He accepts that he can’t compete with this book by recreating another Five point some one. Chetan is also a IIM graduate, but he is pond of IIT. This is because its natural that nobody can enjoy their life in master studies how they makes life rock during UG studies. IIMs were not so important to Chetan except he met his wife there.


After the success of the first book he wanted his writing should reach more people than earlier, the people of IIT or engineers. So he selected Call centre. He could reach more variety of people through this book. Call from the god was an unbeatable novel idea in the novel One night @ the call centre. This will be soon a Bollywood film by Atul Agnihotri casting Salman Khan.


To reach the suburban readers Chetan wrote his third book with the 3 very common matters in everyday life of the Indian that are business, cricket and religion. So he hopes he will reach the non metro readers through this book. The story moves in Gujarat, a state made for business, cricket and religion. The communities mentioned in the book accepted the books so far and he didn’t faced any disputes till now.

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I being a youngster & working in an IT software company enjoy reading chetan bhagwat’s novel. I have read “Five point someone” and enjoyed reading it a lot!!!! Now I have bought the another one 3 mistakes of my life which I will be reading. hope to enjoy this same….

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