The 3 mistakes of my life- 4th mistake is reading it.

Posted on: May 22, 2008

It’s not a novel.
It’s a film script for a Bollywood movie!
Two fighting: One at the beginning, to show how the heroine Vidya’s brother Ish loves her. Another at the climax, a friend of the hero Omi dies to save the twelve year Muslim boy by his own uncle Bittoo mama. Then the future Tendulkar, the boy, Ali kills Bittoo Mama by cricket ball hitting straight sixes to his face.
Romance: The hero goes to teach maths to his friend’s daughter. She tries for his attention towards her, he fell in love. The girl had sex with him on her 18th birthday when her brother fully involved in watching cricket. She tells happily “I’m no more virgin” after having Sex without a trace of guilty feel. They had sex 9 times in 2 months. She is not from USA or UK; she is a middle class Amhedabad girl
Item song: Topless 100 women at Bondi beach of Australia; six were playing Frisbee. So there are 200 breasts to look at. Hero loves maths, he counts the breasts too.

Read complete story on RisingIndian

Scenes you remember even after years: The Hindu party believer takes marijuana after his son’s death in Godra incident and goes with Trishul to kill the twelve year Muslim boy. Soon the fighting starts, the hero’s cell gets an SMS by his girl stating that she got her periods and not to worry. The cell was with her brother and he read it. Anxiety, fear and anger at the same time!
There are so many scenes. I just mentioned few of them. Anyhow Chetans books are turning into films, so he made directors work easy by writing such a novel (?) called ‘the 3 mistakes of my life’.

After reading whole book, if you get questions like follows don’t curse the author:
How could Chetan managed to stretch the story of 2 pages to 258 pages.
Is there any message in any of 21 chapters?
Why only 3 mistakes, the whole novel is full of the characters of mistakes?
Does the author belong to any of the left parties?

Writing on Indian religion system is far tougher than writing CAT exam to get entrance to IIMs. Author should have done some more homework before writing these issues. The cricket incidents go smoother and you’ll enjoy it. But you can enjoy the pages with politics and religion only if you have idea similar to left parties or self called seculars. This books some how tells the Hindu party workers are devils. We have sustainable political ideas in India with Hinduism thoughts by Arun Showri or Arun Jaitley, who has also written many books, also can influence anybody if he ever knew them. But this book looks like the author know only Prakash Carat, Brinda Carat and Family or some Secular(?) party ideas. I believe the author should balance the views on the religions and should leave the decision to reader. Again here he failed.
But the author is at safer side, because in India, if somebody writes against the community which the author is favour for, only then the issue echoes in parliament level.
I haven’t done fifth mistake by comparing this book with his earlier works.


2 Responses to "The 3 mistakes of my life- 4th mistake is reading it."

dude this book is AMAZING…..i mean how can u not like this book???

Yes dude…U r right..I think Chetan might seek a MP seat from that secular(???) party later….

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