Tips to save electricity

Posted on: June 4, 2008

World Environment day special

Uttara Kannada, a green district located in Western coastal region of Karnataka has many power generating stations including one nuclear power plant. The major hydro electric power stations include Gerusoppa, Supa, Kadra, Kodasalli etc. The whole Supa taluk has been vanished under the Kali water. Thousands of hectares of forests have been lost during these projects. Thousands of acres of forest cut down to build Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant. Hundred of acres of green forests were vanished for high tension electric lines to supply power to nearby cities (See ). Recently they successfully opposed Tadri thermal power plant, which could be harmful to both flora and fauna of this region. Right now this district is lightning millions of houses.

But… do you know… there is no proper power supply to this district. There was minimum 6 hours official load shedding was there in this summer. There was no power for weeks even in major villages for weeks. There are number of villages where there is no power supply from the electric board.

I’m sure, if you save a little power in your daily life it is more than enough to light theses houses, because their electricity demand is very less. The power that can be saved by common person in Bangalore can light the whole district for weeks. Also we can check some more power plants which will spoil our environment. I’m following these measures to save power, I wish, I hope you will also join with me to save power, save environment.

Air conditioners: Check and clean the air conditioner’s filter once a month; make sure the air conditioning unit is the proper size for the room it is cooling; locate the air conditioner on the north or east side of a house in a shady area; ventilate the house’s attic to reduce heat build-up; install ceiling fans to improve air circulation.

Dishwashers: Wash only a full load; turn off drying cycle, open door to air dry dishes.

Washing machines and dryers: Use only with a full load; use warm or cold water, reserving hot water use only for heavily soiled clothes; use only full loads for the dryer and if a second load is necessary, dry that load immediately after the first to retain as much heat as possible; clean lint filter before each load.

Computers: Turn off computers when not in use or set the computer to energy-saving mode.

Lights: Replace incandescent bulbs with screw-in fluorescent bulbs, which use 75 per cent less electricity and last at least 8 times longer; turn lights off when not needed; install light dimmers or photoelectric switches that automatically turn off lights during daylight or install timers to control use of lights; for lights used for home security, install motion detectors so lights come on only when motion is detected.

New appliances: Replace aging appliances with new, more energy-efficient models when possible.

Ovens and hobs: Use microwave instead of oven where possible; food in glass dishes can be cooked at lower temperature; preheating oven is usually unnecessary; on the stove top cook with covered pans and match pan size to the size of the burner.

Refrigerators: Check door seals to make sure there are no air leaks; clean condenser coils on the back of the refrigerator; keep refrigerator away from oven or dishwasher and give the unit breathing room; turn thermostat down to 3°C (37°F); turn on energy saver switch.

Water heaters: Use thermostats and timer controls to regulate your central heating and hot water supply wherever possible; lower the hot water heating setting to 50 to 55°C (120 to 130°F); insulate the water heater and any exposed hot water pipes; use low-flow shower heads. (Tips from: Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved)

Social awareness: Don’t show your prosperity in family or social functions by lighting the whole street.

Thank you… start contributing your part!!

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