Look at my own Google enabled search engine – huduku

Posted on: October 14, 2008

Huduku- my new search engine

Huduku- My new search engine

Hi friends, Hope you are doing well.

It is an open letter to you to tell you that I have developed my own search engine enabled by Google. I used exclusively primitive HTML language with little support from Google to build this. I started learning HTML 2 months back by using Write HTML tutorial a free resource from Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI).

Then I thought of doing something in web. I already had Google adsense account which provides ads to one’s websites thus one can get revenue out of it. I got permission from Google to use their search engine and built a search engine. Then question rose, should I waste money in purchasing Web spaces? I searched for free web servers. I found is the best free web server without any ads or pop up windows. Then it was a minute job to publish my site.

This is not the all; you can expect more from me.

For time being you can see my search engine huduku and give me suggestions on anything even on the source code I’ve written for it. I’m in learning process. Thank you!!

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