Bangalore call girls’ e-business; Who can remind our police it is not legal in India?

Posted on: March 6, 2009

No need to keep safe search off in your search engine. Type keyword and just click on search. A number of call girls’ ( to tell in respected language escorting girls’) websites comes in top of the results. Not one, not two, even not three, a number of sites would be listed. Why they comes when if safe search is on? They are business sites. What does a safe search do with business sites?
Reminding you, prostitution in India is still illegal. Still today you can read news in crime news section of local news papers about police raid on prostitution centers and the list of the prostitutes arrested (every time name changed). But our police are able to control online marketing of these call girls? By looking at the rates they have published on their sites I don’t think our police can take action against these sites or these agencies. VIP section also there. How can they take action against some business which has VIPs as clients?

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