How to read “how to books”?

Posted on: March 6, 2009

Soon you may see a book with title “How to read ‘how to books’?“, sometaimes later, “How to write ‘how to books’?” in book shelf. Not an amazing thing it is.

I used to read “how to” books sometime ago. How to speak, how to walk, how to talk, how to cook, how to grow rich, how to be intelligent… oooof.. a long list. But today I hate those books. I never find them useful for me, I never find any great achiever because of such books. Those books might have exampled some people, but remember those shall not have even time to hear such book titles. Nobody became great by reading such books. You have to grow by yourself, you have to find your own way, you have to make your own path.

I was discussing the same with a scientist of GE. He narrated a story how these “how to books” are written.

There was a Christmas get together. There met two ladies. One is very short, but not thin and another is very long and has flat chest.
Short lady asked the tall one after knowing her name “I have heard about you some where….”.
The tall lady replied “Yeah, you might be. I’m an author, my book is a New York Best seller”.
The short lady asked “Oh. Great. What is the title?”.
The flat chested long lady replied “How to have a big breast and attract men?”.

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