Obama may be first for US, India has seen many

Posted on: March 6, 2009

Read complete story: Obama may be first for US, India has seen many

One of my friend attended a programme at her office, where a scholar from US was delivering a speech. He quoted that if a Dalit becomes prime minister of India, it could be a great day for India as the victory of Obama in USA. He knew only two races in India- Brahmin and Dalits. It is not his fault. It is the default of Indian media. They never highlight what is good here. It could be CNN IBN or BBC, or some other magazines.

But the truth is Obama may be first back to take charge of white house. But India has seen many such firsts. Here dalits have become presidents, prime ministers, minorities like what foreign, including some highly noticeable Indian media burns a image- the whole Hindu community is against to- Muslims has seen high places. It is not knew for us. We have given a equal, to tell truth, we have given more chance to dalits and minorities.


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