Sumsumne a Kannada word which means Just like that. It is all just like that. Whenever I feel free to write I wrote all these stuffs just like that. That’s why it is Sumsumne.

Thank you for open this page to know something about me and my blog.

Education: BE Biotech from VTU, Karnataka, India. Now pursuing  PG Diploma in IPR

Native: Uttara Kannada, a district with full of western forests just south to Goa.

Studies: Up to class 10th in Dodmane, a small village with a population of about 1000, this is rich in natural tropical flora. 10+2 in Siddapur, very nearer to world famous Jog Falls.

Some more things: I have passion for writing. I don’t remember when exactly this habit started. I was reporting news to Kannada Janantaranga, a daily from Mangalore, when I was 14. I edited a magazine for school. Some articles are published in various Kannada magazines. My first very small book “Bunadi” published 2 years back. You can look at my e-book Art of war in Kannada in here

You are always welcome to critisize the things and thoughts here. Please leave a reply.


8 Responses to "About"

It is nice to read the articles here

hi akshay
itz great da..very nice blogs

i agree wid u man………

good work Akshay.keep it up

Akshayanna article cholo iddu.

Hi Akshay,

evattu matte odide…the same words but found new meanings!!
Life is like that!!

Ur blogs are very sensible. Good work 🙂

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