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Vijay Mallya won five heritage items that belongs to Mahatma Gandhi steel-rimmed spectacles, a pair of sandals, a Zenith pocket watch, an eating bowl and a plate in an auction by AntiquorumAuctioneers in New York for $1.8 million. Indian government tried its best to stop the auction and also offered to purchase these at the reserve price as it can’t participate in an auction. After rejecting the conditions put by James Otis Indians lost hope of bringing these things back to India. But the most passionated business man Vijay Mallya brought them back to India.

Few years back in 2004 Mallya had brought sword that belongs to Tippu Sultan from an auction in London fro Rs 1.5 crores. At that time it was considered as a political drama as he was leading Janata Party in election. Now it is completely dead and there is no sign of bringing it back to active politics. Even though he used the sword for his campaign it did not do any magic. He could not make his party win even a single assembly seat.

Now winning of auction of Gandhi memorabilia can not be just considered as a symbol of status. It is now attached to patriotism. Janata party is not there in politics. Mallya is always welknown for his fashionable habits. From horse race to Kingfisher bikini callender he is always shinmes as a business celebrity. Gandhiji was against alcohol. He always used to tell India should be alcohol free. But the liquor money is now used to bring Gandhi memorabilia back to India!!


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It was one thing which made bjp distinguished from other political parties was not involving in hereditary or family politics like Congress. BJP always opposed hereditary political play of congress and JDS, also made this matter as a campaign issue. BJP always condemned Nehru-Gandhi(not Mahatma Gandhi) family for making politics a family business. They used to tell even a dog from Nehru family will be accepted a Congress leader. Rahul Gandhi or Sachin Pilot like youngsters are leaders of the party just because of their care of addresses. Yeddyurappa named Janathadal secular party as party of father and son. That is true too. Father H D Dewe Gauda is the national president, son Kumaraswamy is a state chief, another son Revanna is district leader, daughter in law Anita is an MLA, another daughter in law Bhavani will enter soon. So BJP had campaign tool.

Now? BJP lost a campaign tool. B Y Raghavendra, son of Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa; Shivakumar Udasi, son of C M Udasi; Shantamma, sister of state minister Sriramulu; Ramesh Katti, Brother of Umesh Katti are given ticket to contest in lokasabha polls. Let me ask a question, will you recognise any of them if I remove ‘son of’ kind of addresses? Nobody knows who are they by their names, even the party workers. Yeddyurappa promised in front of the media that his son should not contest at any cost. I did not see his reaction after the ticket given to his son. Any way, he first is a politician, later a BJP leader, then a CM. Criticisers tell- being a young party BJP had no room to play family politics. Now time has come for leaders to introduce their family to politics. Family politics comes into picture only whena party is in power. BJP is in power now in Karnataka. So leaders wants their family to share that power.

Even today I admire BJP for its national level leaders not to play family politics. L K Adwani could have made their children head of the party somewhere. Sushma swaraj could have easily braught her whole family to politics. Late Pramod Mahajan could make his brother a leader, but nobody from their family in politics. They never encouraged family politics. BJP had, has batchular leaders. Narendra Modi can never bring his family to politics. There are many leaders who came from RSS back ground dedicated their life and family to the party and to the country. They had strong motive lead the country. People like me want to see this original BJP again.