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Sum dog millionaire grabbed 4 Golden globe international film awards. A R Rehaman, most favourite music director of India become first Indian to win that award. As everybody thought i also accepted it as a crown for India. Later I realised it is completely a myth. What is there in this movie which will distinguish from a normal bollywood movie? It has successfully pictured India as a country of slum, beggars and prostitutes. It has become an international trend. If somebody pictures eastern countries as slums, they will get award. Even white tiger is an example of this. I can bet, this Slumdog is not at all comparable with Taare jameen par or Lagaan.

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How to save video from YouTube?
How download YouTube video like torrent file download?
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YouTube: YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. YouTube was created in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees. In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google Inc. for US$1.65 billion, and is now operated as a subsidiary of Google. Now it is the largest video sharing site. The videos are published in “.flv” file extension.

How to download .flv files?
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Israel, officially the State of Israel is a state in Western Asia located on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. With a population of about 7.28 million,the majority of whom are Jews, Israel is the world’s only Jewish state. Several countries, including Syria and Iran, refuse to recognise Israel’s right to exist.Arab countries over the years refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and Arab nationalists led by Nasser called for the destruction of the state.Israel maintains diplomatic relations with 161 countries and has 94 diplomatic missions around the world. The United States, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom and India are among Israel’s closest allies. The majority of Israelis are drafted into the military at the age of eighteen. Men serve three years and women serve two years. Israel also has Palestinian terrorist as its enemy. Hamas Terror Organization has international support too. Though Israel never lagged behind when it comes to its security. Israel never asked anybody when it has to fight for it. It never hesitated to attack on Hamas. They know, world will support them.

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Soon you may see a book with title “How to read ‘how to books’?“, sometaimes later, “How to write ‘how to books’?” in book shelf. Not an amazing thing it is.

I used to read “how to” books sometime ago. How to speak, how to walk, how to talk, how to cook, how to grow rich, how to be intelligent… oooof.. a long list. But today I hate those books. I never find them useful for me, I never find any great achiever because of such books. Those books might have exampled some people, but remember those shall not have even time to hear such book titles. Nobody became great by reading such books. You have to grow by yourself, you have to find your own way, you have to make your own path.

I was discussing the same with a scientist of GE. He narrated a story how these “how to books” are written.

There was a Christmas get together. There met two ladies. One is very short, but not thin and another is very long and has flat chest.
Short lady asked the tall one after knowing her name “I have heard about you some where….”.
The tall lady replied “Yeah, you might be. I’m an author, my book is a New York Best seller”.
The short lady asked “Oh. Great. What is the title?”.
The flat chested long lady replied “How to have a big breast and attract men?”.

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“We had the death of former prime minster VP Singh, the hero of Dalits and lower castes and villain of Upper caste Hindus pass without a mention.” Arundhati Roy writes in an article, she is so sad that terror attack on Mumbai made the people not to remember VP Singh. Arundhati Roy treats VP Singh as a hero, it is obvious that she is a “secular” Indian. She sometimes calls BJP as villions of Dalits and praises Vishwanath Pratap Singh, who cobbled a coalition of the Left and BJP to dethrone Rajiv Gandhi in the 1989 elections as a hero of Dalits. VP singh once considered very close to Rajiv Gandhi, later slammed him, quit his government in 1987 on the issue of corruption in public life. She writes for Guardian like some Islamist Extremist or some Pakistani had entered into her body. Mother India is crying looking at Arundhati Roy. Read complete article

Javaharlal Nehru, Chacha Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India had a fashionable and privileged life. Recently Nehru is well discussed about his affair with the wife of Luis Mountbatten last Viceroy pre-Partition India. Nehru family was one of the richest family of India which was also had taken part in Indian freedom movement. Edwina also from a high class family of London where she was a leading member of London society at the time of her marriage. She was also leading a fashionable life. Her life almost totally dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure. Edwina was criticised by the news papers of her time for her affair with various celebrities of her time. It is also quoted “Lady Mountbatten occasionally travelled with her husband’s sister-in-law, Lady Milford Haven, whose bisexual liaisons are perhaps better documented than those attributed to Edwina”.

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What is the relation between browsers and search engines? How could browser take over search engines? You may think I’m making fool. But if you carefully observe the developing trend of the browsers it seems to do this job early. Just look at this picture: you can see how the trend has changed.
Little ago I was depending on google (my favourite search engine) for everything I browsed. To go to YouTube or simply to yahoomail I was typing the query as YouTube or yahoomail in search box. It was the easier way I had to enter into any sites. But now? I use search engines only for those queries on which I would like to know the presence of more than a website or simply when I want to do some research on some topic.

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