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One of my friend attended a programme at her office, where a scholar from US was delivering a speech. He quoted that if a Dalit becomes prime minister of India, it could be a great day for India as the victory of Obama in USA. He knew only two races in India- Brahmin and Dalits. It is not his fault. It is the default of Indian media. They never highlight what is good here. It could be CNN IBN or BBC, or some other magazines.

But the truth is Obama may be first back to take charge of white house. But India has seen many such firsts. Here dalits have become presidents, prime ministers, minorities like what foreign, including some highly noticeable Indian media burns a image- the whole Hindu community is against to- Muslims has seen high places. It is not knew for us. We have given a equal, to tell truth, we have given more chance to dalits and minorities.


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Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama created a broad grassroots movement and a new method of campaigning by courting and mobilizing activists, donations and voters through the Internet. It was part of a campaign that mobilized grassroots workers in every state. As he told in his victory speech this campaign was such a successful campaign that was never seen in history of United States of America. Now in coming election BJP prime minister candidate L K Adwani also seems to follow Obama’s successful presidential campaign.


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Gautam Goswami, A true example of oscillating life to the two extremes is no more. He was an IAS officer, TIME Asian hero of 2004, accused in the infamous flood-relief scam passed away on Jan 5, 2009.

A 1991-batch officer(with ID no 01BH042600), Goswami, also an MBBS and MD from BHU. He had received a gold medal for topping the MBBS exam from Benaras Hindu University. He became a hero when he literally put his hand on microphones to prevent the then Union home minister, Lal Krishna Advani, from continuing his speech at an election rally in Patna in 2004. “Sir, your time is up,” the officer told the minister referring to the Election Commission’s model code of conduct which proscribed use of public address system after 10 pm. Later Time magazine also conferred the “Asian Hero” award on Goswami.

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Israel, officially the State of Israel is a state in Western Asia located on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. With a population of about 7.28 million,the majority of whom are Jews, Israel is the world’s only Jewish state. Several countries, including Syria and Iran, refuse to recognise Israel’s right to exist.Arab countries over the years refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and Arab nationalists led by Nasser called for the destruction of the state.Israel maintains diplomatic relations with 161 countries and has 94 diplomatic missions around the world. The United States, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom and India are among Israel’s closest allies. The majority of Israelis are drafted into the military at the age of eighteen. Men serve three years and women serve two years. Israel also has Palestinian terrorist as its enemy. Hamas Terror Organization has international support too. Though Israel never lagged behind when it comes to its security. Israel never asked anybody when it has to fight for it. It never hesitated to attack on Hamas. They know, world will support them.

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No need to keep safe search off in your search engine. Type keyword and just click on search. A number of call girls’ ( to tell in respected language escorting girls’) websites comes in top of the results. Not one, not two, even not three, a number of sites would be listed. Why they comes when if safe search is on? They are business sites. What does a safe search do with business sites?
Reminding you, prostitution in India is still illegal. Still today you can read news in crime news section of local news papers about police raid on prostitution centers and the list of the prostitutes arrested (every time name changed). But our police are able to control online marketing of these call girls? By looking at the rates they have published on their sites I don’t think our police can take action against these sites or these agencies. VIP section also there. How can they take action against some business which has VIPs as clients?

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Finally world economic meltdown kissed biotechnology too. It took time, may not be at that extent other fields are affected, but it is. There are several reasons to say it will continue even after other firms recovers.
I have some friends working for both research institutions and biotechnology companies. One of my friend in an Indian research institution tells they started re-using eppendorf tube which they have never done earlier. Instead of thrown in to dustbin, now they wash it and sterilise. This is because they are not getting sufficient fund from the corporate firms who were always in back of these research. If this continues for quite a long time they may have to stop research. That is true, research works in biotechnology requires a huge fund, that a research institution alone can not afford. So many firms and also government bodies sponsor these research as their corporate social responsibility. At this economic condition how can you expect funds?
While bio tech companies are still seems to be stable at stock market are also running short of research capital. The capital comes from investment companies and most of the investment firms are now at their worst condition. So now, the research in large bio tech firms have also lost support from capital investment firms.If research in bio tech loses support, it could be a worst hit to mankind.
Photo: part of affinity chromatography column; 2007©Akshay Bhagwat